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Muwakaba is Arabic & means to keep up with developments which touch lives worldwide. Join us and share our technology across the people you know!
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We are providing a robust source to understand the technology & distinguished plugins to support the websites. Our content is exclusive and derived from our real experience and explained in a very simple and easy way to understand.

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A group of enthusiasts with great passion for technology.

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Effective Security Solutions & Full Reporting

Web Security

Effective Security Solutions & Full Reporting

Find the vulnerablities and get complete solutions to eliminate them. Full scan for SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF, URL redirection and more! Keep your products safe!
Multi Language Photo Uploader With Many Parameters to Customize as You Wish

Web Services

Complete Web Solutions

We provide different web services from A to Z, whether you are looking for a new service, website, plugin, application, etc. we provide the best quality with very effective cost!

New Plugins

Multi Category Autocomplete, Plug & Play With Unlimited Customizations

Multi Category Autocompleter

Plug & Play with Unlimited Customization!

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Multi Language Photo Uploader With Many Parameters to Customize as You Wish

Multi Language Photo Uploader

Real-time Progress Bar with Many Options

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The Circular Rating Plugin Is A fully Animated JavaScript Plugin To Rate Anything

The Circular Rating

Fully Animated Rating Plugin

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Provides Smart Direction Detection Of Any Text (Mixed Or Not) - LTR or RTL

The Text Direction Detector

Smart Text Direction To All Languages

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Latest From Blog

Easy Guide For PHP MySQL Pagination

PHP MySQL Pagination

PHP MySQL pagination is used to partition the data from the database to navigate the webpage easier and faster...

A Simple Guide To Manage VPS Servers

Manage VPS Servers

Learn how to use VPS servers correctly via the commands without the need of any interface or control panel...

Easy Steps To Get Your Own Virtual Server

Get Your VPS Server

Virtual servers are widely used to host websites due to the great features they provide and the cheap costs...

How To Connect The PHP With The MySQL Database

PHP Database Connection

Connect your PHP program with the database to easily save the statuses of your program...


Distinguished Products

Educational Blog

Learn the technology in easy way
Distinguished topics to learn in very simple way! JavaScript, Linux, PHP, AJAX, MySQL & more!

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Dyn Vote

A quick way to evaluate an opinion
Generate a poll in a matter of seconds with real-time update and just 2 seconds refresh rate!

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Sec 2 Ad

Spread ads in a second
Publish and view tiny ads quickly - up to 160 characters. Free and no registration is required!

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Dyn Vote Features

  • Generate a vote in a matter of seconds
  • No login required
  • Extend / shorten the polls's age
  • Single click to vote
  • Alerts via email about the actions performed
  • Real-time update for results on Dyn Vote website
  • Real-time update for creator actions on Dyn Vote website
  • Fully AJAXed with 2 seconds refresh rate
  • Undo the previous voted choice and revote again
  • Share the generated votes to vote within Dyn Vote website
  • Integrate the generated votes into your own website
  • Generate, share and integrate unlimited votes for free!
  • Single click to vote
  • Integrate votes customized with different colors and sizes

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